If you have a U.S. based company and employ 15 or more employees you are required by federal law to follow U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Laws. Title VII makes it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person's race, color, religion, national origin or gender and requires the maintenance of records for all "applicants" as well as persons hired.

Furthermore, organizations with 100 or more employees (50 or more for certain organizations with government contracts) are required to file the Employer Information Report (EEO-1) each year by September 30.

If an organization does not comply with these requirements, they risk lawsuits arising from a discrimination investigation launched by the EEOC. A hiring system such as Provitrac manages the record keeping automatically, providing compliance and a record if questions arise. The system collects resumes and employment applications online and places them in your own secure database to retrieve at any time for up to 3 years. The information needed for the EEO-1 is collected by the system and provided in a pre-defined template that can be searched by location, gender or date range. The software automatically collects information needed to comply with Title VII from job applicants through a voluntary survey presented during the online job application process and is recorded in the database for each job and candidate record.

Even customizable candidate questionnaires remind you to create the right steps for screening, selecting, and hiring. A history of all status updates for each candidate record is maintained in the system and applicant flow logs required for reporting and audits can easily be created at any time using the ad-hoc reporting feature. Also, all communications with applicants, automated and user-generated, are maintained by the system for easy retrieval by date, applicant, or job posting when needed.

This information can help an organization defend itself in the case of an EEOC investigation when a charge of discrimination is brought by any person that claims to be an applicant for a job opportunity.

For more information regarding these legal issues, please visit the EEOC website.


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