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Provitrac Offers End-to-End Hiring Solutions

Finding and hiring candidates has never been so easy. Provitrac is more than an applicant tracking system. Each step of your hiring process is optimized with our customizable hiring software.

Transform the applicant tracking and selection process into an efficient streamlined process with our applicant-tracking software. Provitrac's powerful applicant tracking system and recruitment software are the ideal choice to find and hire the right people quickly and efficiently.

Provitrac Applicant Tracking Software allows organizations to handle their recruitment solutions electronically. Our solutions are scalable to organizations both large and small. Our applicant tracking system is available in different modules covering each element of the recruitment process and HR management.

Hiring can be a complicated process. Simplify the process for everyone involved by offering a flexible solution. By integrating Provitrac recruiting and onboarding solutions, make it a easy and cost-effective process.

Provitrac recruiting software offers all the best features of any other hiring software: job posting, applicant tracking, job matching, candidate ranking, scoring and sorting, and onboarding management.


Provitrac is totally cloud-based system. Our enterprise grade recruiting software supports online job posting, tracking and interviews. Our recruitment software organizes candidate management, automates workflow and opens company communication all in an online platform. We scale our hiring solutions to provide any business an easily accessible way to manage the recruiting process with web-based interface.


Provitrac’s logical workflow and intuitive user interface provide a short learning curve. Using Provitrac, companies can easily promote their job listings through social media, have candidates upload applications and resumes, then select qualified candidates.

Built-in Flexibility

Because our software features many end-user customizable elements you get a feature rich and cost effective solution. Get only the software features you really need to fit your company's hiring needs.


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