Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking System

Streamline applicant management from application to Submittal: leverage candidate management with Provitrac Applicant Tracking System. Provitrac offers intelligent and user-friendly candidate tracking system with an easy to navigate interface. Our innovative cloud-based applicant tracking system provides quick access to candidate management dashboard anytime, anywhere. Our ATS system is easy to integrate with most third-party Applicant tracking software.

With Provitrac, you can organize the information in your system to access candidate tracking and any information you need to move the hiring process along. Get a complete view of each applicant, the progress of hiring for each position, and reports concerning your hiring process. Altogether it is a complete solution from the applicant tracking to the onboarding process.

Provitrac is the most accurate business process management tool that can save your valuable time and improve your business productivity.

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