Improve Recruitment to Keep Employees Longer

Improve Recruitment to Keep Employees Longer

One in four new employees leave before their second year at work. Web-based technologies have completely changed the job search and hiring process. Some companies face employees joining and quitting on a daily basis. Others may remain loyal for the long term—even to the point of retirement. It’s simply no longer a predictable process.


Many companies have developed online recruitment strategies to adapt to this change in employee behavior, but it’s not always enough. If your company is not seeing an improvement in employee retention, it may be time to reassess your methods. Here are some suggestions to make your hiring process a bit more successful. 


Employee Retention Factors

There are several factors that motivate employees. For many people, the first and most important is generally money. The amount of bad experiences people will put up with for money is definitely worth keeping in mind. It is not, however, enough to keep them entirely engaged. Things like opportunities for growth, self-autotomy, and a belief in the company’s goals are much more likely to keep employees engaged and willing to work their hardest.


Do Not Ignore Candidates 

Treat everybody as valuable. This means you cannot ignore candidates, regardless of their qualifications. It may seem like a lot of work, but people respect a flat-out rejection. It shows that you’re taking them seriously, and as a result you’ll find that they’re more willing to speak highly of you in the future to other job-seeking candidates. A healthy hiring process is reliant on a good company image, so communicate with your candidates. 



For many organizations, talent assessment processes are neither automatic nor optimized. Consider implementing a technology-aided prescreening process to weed out candidates that are not worth considering. It will definitely speed up the process. To avoid breaking the ‘ignoring candidates’ rule, you can set up the system to auto-reply to those you are not considering. If written correctly, the email can read as sincere, even if it’s clear that it was sent by a machine. Or, simply have it generate a list of email addresses to respond to manually.


Getting the hiring process right is the best way to eliminate excessive employee turnover and build a strong team. Take your potential employees seriously—you’ll be glad you did.

For more information on the hiring process, check out gnapartner’s post on Succession Planning Process.

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