Key Features

Provitrac: Applicant Tracking System - Key Features

Organize and track job applications the easy way with Provitrac. Provitrac streamlines the overall recruiting process, so you can find better resumes quickly, conduct interviews and collaborate with coworkers to make targeted hiring decisions, and smooth onboarding process.

Candidate Submittals

Display both job openings and the number of candidates who have applied for the job through the candidate submittals feature. Simply click on the tabs to see all the information about candidates and job openings. You and your hiring team can even post-interview results and score candidates based on desired criteria.

Candidate Record

Access the detailed candidate record by simply clicking on the candidate’s name. All candidate data is easily accessible from a series of tabs, each presenting different information and offering its own unique feature set.

Candidate’s Resume

Access each candidate’s contact information, resume and any additional information collected within each candidate's profile through the Resume tab. You can effectively manage resumes and track the progress of all your candidates. Provitrac Applicant Tracking System gives you mobile or remote access to check candidate information easily.

Document Attachment

Attach any needed documents to each job application with the document attachment feature. No more missing paperwork or trouble attaching a variety of files. Provitrac supports a wide variety of file types.

Candidate Application History

View all of the jobs a candidate has applied for within your company and the status of each application under the Application History tab. You can access interview questions, evaluations, documentation and testing as needed. This saves time for both the company and the candidate so the hiring process does not have to be repeated in detail.

Match Jobs

Determine which job is the best fit for a particular candidate by matching his or her qualifications to a job's requirements through the Match Jobs tab. This is especially convenient if you have several jobs available and a number of highly qualified job applicants. The software can find pairings you may overlook if you were to match jobs manually.

List / Create New Tasks

Create and check a task list to move the hiring process along with the Tasks tab. Each user can create and assign tasks for scheduling and coordinating interviews, events and other related hiring tasks. Set up reminders for everyone on the hiring team, notify candidates, and add it all to Outlook calendars.

Letters Library

Select from a template library to create company offer letters using the Letters tab. Customize the letter with the job information, salary offer, and starting date and send it by to new hires by email, electronic file, or by regular mail delivery. Keep a history of letters and emails for future reference.

Forward Candidate Information

Include others in the hiring process with the forwarding feature under the Profile tab. Recruiters can forward candidate information by email to individuals that do not have access to the system. The sender has the opportunity to modify the record and add notes as needed before returning the file. Copies can be maintained in history.

Ranking Scores

Rank candidates within the software to determine which candidates are best for the job. Set up an objective ranking system based on qualifications, skills, and interview data, then you can see at a glance who is ready for hire.

Web-based User-friendly Interface

Completely web-based and cloud-based, Provitrac lets you post jobs and interview online. Our hiring solution is scalable and flexible because it is a web-based interface. Provitrac’s logical workflow and intuitive user interface provide a short learning curve. Using Provitrac, companies can easily promote their job listings through social media, review the online documents and resumes then hire the best-qualified candidates.


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