Recruiting Software

Recruiting Software

Find the best employees with Provitrac's easy to use hiring and recruiting tools. Create the job positions using our customizable templates, post open positions on multiple platforms then track and monitor interest, applications, and suitability for each position.

Using hiring software makes it easy to post jobs, gather applicant information, and select the best candidate. Both you and job candidates can connect easily and in less time. Find the right candidates with Provitrac.

Career Center Manager

Collect, gather and sort applicant information in one application with Career Center Manager. Applicants can log in and input all the necessary information and forms. Then the Career Center Manager gathers the forms and files them by applicant name, sorts them according to job requirements, then checks the documents for accuracy.

HR can eliminate unqualified applicants, attach additional documents or information, and inform candidates of their progress in the hiring process. This application makes it easy for applicants to apply and for HR to find the right candidates.

Vacancy Creation and Approval

Post jobs easily with Provitrac. HR can create job postings using handy templates customizable to each position. The templates help you to quickly create job listings to match each place you plan to list them: job boards, social media, and career webpages. Then job listings are sharable with appropriate departments to ensure they are clear and accurate. Then postings can be uploaded quickly to various platforms to put them in front of job seekers.

Easy Posting

Push jobs to multiple platforms from the templates you already created. With a few simple clicks, you can post the jobs to your company site, job boards, social media sites, and career webpages. Target the listing to your best source of good candidates to attract the best applications.

Job Matching

Match potential employees to job requirements. HR or the hiring manager can use Provitrac to have the system match each job to the right candidate based on the criteria you put enter. Resume information, application form questions, and interview questions can be rated and scored to rank and match candidates so you can be assured you are making a good choice.

Staff Acquisition System

Have the tools to fit each new employee into your company. Provitrac helps you define which positions are open and how to best fill them with hiring software. Each open position can be given a category and arranged by department so you can be sure you hire the right number of employees and put them in the best spots. Avoid hiring too many or too few employees. You can even use this application to measure staff performance by the standards you set within the software. Creating an accurate picture of your employment landscape can help you to have a larger view of how your company functions.

Resume Searches

Locate candidates by resume qualifications within Provitrac to easily match candidates to jobs. The hiring software database lets you do preset or customizable searches. Search the database by job type, education, or experience set to find resumes and candidate names from the directory you create by adding job applicant information. You can also view resume information by candidate name or job type. Being able to search the database gives you added flexibility.

Resume Management

Access and store resume for easy retrieval. Reduce paperwork and optimize your data storage. Because Provitrac is cloud-based company hiring staff can access information remotely or on site to review the information and make decisions when needed. Having the necessary information helps companies make better decisions.

Applicant Tracking

Track the progress of candidates or job filling through Provitrac. Simply enter a candidate's name or an open position to see the current status in the hiring process. Check the status from application to first day of work. See individual rankings and results of interviews. You can allow hiring team members access to check on progress as well as candidates to add the desired level of transparency all along the way.

Easy Reporting

Make reports easily to put valuable knowledge at your fingertips. Provitrac tracks then create reports about the information you need to get the best applicants and hire the best employees. Understand the source of your applicants, length of time to fill jobs, current employee qualifications and many other issues so you can analyze your hiring process. Make good decisions based on clear reports.

Notifications and Working

Keep in contact with applicants throughout the process and communicate clearly with hiring team members. You can grant access so that candidates can understand where they are in the process. Also, restrict job and applicant data and communication to your hiring team to maintain confidentiality and make decisions together. Improving communication makes the hiring process clear.


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