Accelerate the Productivity of New Hires with Provitrac Onboarding Software

Accelerate the Productivity of New Hires with Provitrac Onboarding Software

Nearly 25% of the active population suffers from some type of transition annually. Turnover is expensive, so it is important to support new employees with a comprehensive onboarding to ensure your success.


Now what is Onboarding?

It is the process by which new hires adjust to the social aspects and performance of their jobs quickly and smoothly, and learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to function effectively within an organization. Incorporation of a new employee is your first and best opportunity to participate as part of your team. It is in the first days and weeks of a new job that employees understand what is expected of them and incorporate the culture of the organization.


In other words, Onboarding conveys your brand and values ​​of the organization, explains its people and its professional culture, align expectations and organizational performance and provides the tools for the employee can successfully assimilate into position with a rapid acceleration productivity.


The process of onboarding should be carefully handle so the employees’ turnover can be reduced. The solution to this situation is the Provitrac Onboarding Software, as there are technology companies and consultants who say they need this solution. Provitrac Onboarding Software automates the process of a new employee to assume a new role. With Provitrac Onboarding Software, your organization can create clear expectations and consistent disclosure to their new employees to the organization feel even before you arrive.


Onboarding process is a critical part of a strategic program of talent management, but is often overlooked by busy managers who believe it is the responsibility of human resources. This can lead to the first billing year, employees are less committed, and longer times for productivity and contribution.


Onboarding is more than new employee orientation. It is a process of incorporation and orientation is the first step in the onboarding process. The orientation stage allows you to collect all forms of Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits relevant. This process helps you develop a happy taxpayer. With the economy on the rise, many growing companies are starting to go after talented new employees. That means a lot of early days in the job, and lots of time and money to spend while new employees get up to speed.


In addition, you can apply and practice the onboarding systems with two different methodologies – transactional onboarding and acculturation onboarding. Transactional onboarding systems focus on automating direct and obvious elements of employee costs onboarding. Replacing manual form filling tasks with automated tasks include eliminating the use and handling of paper forms, and the elimination of labor between systems. Provitrac’s Onboarding Software acculturation focus on cost elements and the orientation of new employees to the effectiveness faster.

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