Manage Recruitment Process with Provitrac’s Cloud Based Applicant Tracking System

Manage Recruitment Process with Provitrac’s Cloud Based Applicant Tracking System

In the energetic and extra competitive world of staffing, professional recruiters must perform with the perfect efficiency in order to enhance their rankings and drive business growth. The primary focus of an applicant tracking system is a better way to manage and track resume information for applicants. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is computer software which facilitates an organization’s administration in their staffing requirements. It is also referred to as a talent management platform or more simply, a resume database.

With the increasing popularity of job portals and mass-scale recruiters, organizations are swamped with countless resumes, the majority of which belong to under-qualified or mismatched candidates. This had become a source of nuisance to the human resource departments, but has been resolved to an extent with the advent of applicant tracking systems. Applicant tracking systems help organizations easily filter through these candidates to find the ones that match the job and organization requirements. An applicant tracking systems should be flexible and powerful enough to support the agile business performance recruiting companies demand.

A cloud based web based applicant tracking system is the answer. Provitrac’s Cloud based Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting Software allow you to access and manage from anywhere. Using Provitrac web based ATS means, you will never have to install a software on your machine locally or upgrading any hardware and that you will never have to worry if your data is safe or your systems are up and running. Provitrac will take care for all of this. Our applicant tracking system make it easier for users to login start their hiring process. The basic purpose of Provitrac applicant tracking system is to aid an organization’s administration, or more specifically the HR department, in keeping a track of their incoming job applications, and in turn helping them hire the right people.

Using Provitrac, HR managers can easily store and manage new job openings, hiring workflow, incoming applications and resumes and all communication with applicants. Applications are stored on the basis of resumes and information gathered at the time of the job application. Our software use this information to allow HR managers to filter, sort and search applications, in order to make it easier to find the right candidates and track them. Our solutions are great for HR departments to increase their productivity and helping them hire the right people for their organization. megafafa

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