Optimize Your Recruitment Process

Optimize Your Recruitment Process

Companies are investing millions of dollars a day in hiring, when they should focus on employee retention. A group of recruiters are being sent to the front lines every day, while no one is manning the back door. These companies are focusing on the wrong day and lose their personal intention by day things.

You will need to do the following in order to get this right.


Stand with Latest Trending Media

Having a description on a jobs website does not necessarily make you stand out. A podcast or video would be a better technique. The use of non-traditional media recruitment is also an opportunity for you to convey something about your corporate culture to jobseekers. Whether through a fun video that shows how wonderful it is to be an employee in your business, or a recorded podcast describing the position and company, this strategy differentiates it from all other recruiters out there and hopefully make it more attractive for hiring the cream of the crop.


Attend Recruitments Events and Job Fairs

Job fairs often prove somewhat futile, as the best candidates probably already have a job. So you should try to find a talent in other events that are not traditionally associated with recruitment. Search the forums or online networks for group events that can be serviced by qualified personnel for open position.

For example, if you need a software developer in Chicago, you could attend a software development focused job fair in the same area and look for possible candidates.


Handpick Right Candidate

Passive candidates are more likely to be your dream employees, but you can never attract them without letting them know how much they might be important to your business. Reaching out in a very personal way shows that you are willing to go out of their way to get their attention.


Recognize Your Strengths

In fact, it is essential to identify your strengths as an employer. Engage with the recruiters to learn the many reasons people choose to work with you. Find correct answer to this question will help further strengthen these attributes.


Start with Solid Recruiting Practices

The people you hire to work with you or for you is an investment. To make the right decisions that you have to put the right to make the selection process as rigorous as budgetary constraints allow efforts.


Make eye contact when interviewing

In our current culture of technology addict, it is rare that people make eye contact with others, let alone do it from a distance. When a job applicant enters in your office and reach to the reception desk, receive him with a smiling face. Send a refreshing message to the applicant to make him feel like ‘You’re important to me and you have my attention’.


Offering Refreshing Greetings

Many employers do not realize it, but often they treat candidates with discourtesy. Turn it to your advantage by treating applicants like VIPs. When you call them to schedule a final interview, turn the conversation into something more than an exercise in robotic calendar. Mention how excited everyone is to meet him, and how happy are you that you will be paying a visit. Apply the same approach when the applicant arrives at the site. Do not treat them as a number or mix them like a piece of paper and focus on making them feel welcome.

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